Newton Moore Education Support Centre (NMESC) teaching and learning is based on our guiding principles of seeing our young people equipped with the skills to live the life of their choosing embraced and supported by the community around them.

Our curriculum is in line with the Western Australian curriculum, including AbleWA and is aimed at supporting students where they are achieving and extending them, it includes;

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy,
  • HASS,
  • Science,
  • Protective Behaviours,
  • Health and physical education,
  • Music, Drama and Art 
  • Work Readiness and
  • Bush Ranger Cadets

Our curriculum is particularly focussed on independent and collaborative learning, personal development including social skills and keeping safe through Protective Behaviours. Our approach to teaching and learning reflects our respect for each student as an individual, aiming to develop knowledge, understanding, self-reliance and resilience skills in a supportive environment.
We follow the Quality Teaching Strategy outlined in the Teaching For Impact framework supported by The Department of Education, with our belief that effective teachers;

  • can unlock the learning potential of every student.
  • have the responsibility to evaluate the impact of their practice and seek improvement,
  • value student diversity and inclusion,
  • believe student wellbeing and engagement are essential to student achievement.
  • share the responsibility for student success with schools, families, and the broader community,
  • believe in equity and reconciliation and
  • prepare students to become their own teachers and successful lifelong learners.