The school is organised as:
Lower School – years 7, 8, 9 and 10
Upper School – years 11 and 12

Lower School classes will have a class teacher and 3-4 education assistants, based on need and have a class onsite 5 days a week

Upper School classes will have a teacher and education assistants 2 days a week and then will engage in our Community Work Centre program, Work Experience or our Life Skills program across the other 3 days

Students may apply to repeat year 12, this program is considered a post compulsory year and is not necessarily fulltime.

The continued enrolment beyond compulsory age is granted through a request process which takes into account;

  • availability of an appropriate education program and classroom accommodation;
  • educational history of the student;
  • individual circumstances of the student; and
  • other available options for the student