The Student Wellbeing (SWB) team at Newton Moore Education Support Centre (NMESC) is lead by a Deputy Principal and consists of a team of Student Support Officers, the Chaplain and a school psychologist. 

The team plays a vital role in working with students, staff and families to support the needs of our students.

Through the Student Wellbeing Centre, students have access to breakfast club 3 times a week, 1:1 mentoring sessions, small group targeted intervention programs, breaktime groups and many other fantastic programs.

Our centre, which is located towards the back of the school, is always a hive of activity at breaktimes, with students engaging in games of uno, playing Lego, enjoying a colouring or even playing the wii.

The SWB team work closely with ‘Act Belong Commit’ and follow the ‘Mentally Healthy School’ framework to keep up to date with the most recent evidence-based research to support our students and their families.

Act Belong Commit Framework